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When I first joined Single Booklovers back in March of 1984, I felt a shiver of excitement; I was embarking on a new adventure and who knew where that would take me? When I joined, I was impressed with the caliber of the membership (men, in my case); the people who joined SBL seemed to be highly intelligent, thoughtful, caring individuals who in addition to a love of reading and books, loved the arts, writing, travel, music, plays, movies and the richness of life itself. Now, as a member and the Admin of Single Booklovers, I am once again feeling that old excitement and anticipation, as I approve new users for membership seemingly every day-I have even been welcoming two or three new members on some days! It's a wonderful, heady feeling to know that I am helping to grow this wonderful service that has been around for over 40 years, to blossom and flower into something that could indeed, be extraordinary and wonderful, as it was, for all those years. SBL had grown to 1,000 members and many marriages had resulted from all those meeting of the minds! Now, there is hope, promise and excitement in the air, as we begin 2014 and as SBL goes up, up, and away!!
innerlight · 343 days ago

We apologize for any outages as we upgrade our servers. Thanks! P.
admin · 19 days ago

in an effort to better support our members, we have changed phone service providers. Yes, the number will remain the same... :)  We will be working through the setup over the next couple of days.  Thanks for your continued support. ~Peer
admin · 193 days ago

Want additional profile coverage? We are testing some member profiles in our national media outlets. Please email membership for additional details and if you would be interested in our featured profile coverage. At this time, there is no additional charge to Plus members for this additional service. We look forward to hearing from you! Peer
admin · 234 days ago

Fixed an issue where a small number of early members who joined and were asked their gender and the data was recorded in lower case. This caused them not to show up in member searches. This has been fixed by setting all members gender to leading upper case Male, Female or Transgender. ~Peer
admin · 274 days ago

We are on target to hit our Easter membership goals. Join today and help us get there! ~Peer
admin · 291 days ago

This promotion is now over. I was out of town on business so, it ran over a little bit ;) Thanks to all who contributed. ~Peer
admin · 296 days ago

We are extending the Free communication weekend for the duration of this week. ~Peer  
admin · 305 days ago

It's a free communication weekend. Standard members can communicate with other members for free this weekend. ~Peer
admin · 308 days ago

Early on, we did not require state entry for member information. Because of member requests, we added this feature. However, early members did not have any entry for the state field. Empty state fields have been populated based on zip code provided. Peer  
admin · 332 days ago
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